Founded in 1970 by Roy Flowerdew, our very first product was a woven name tape.

By 1977 our embroidery division was well & truly open, meeting the needs of schools requiring uniforms embroidered with their logo.

Over the years we have built up a reputation as one of the premier suppliers of school uniforms. Our website has become a one stop shop for parents - offering nearly everything a child needs for school including PE kits, book bags, drinks bottles & a great range of name labels.

As our embroidery division evolved over the years, we grew to provide branded garments across many business sectors including industrial workwear, health & beauty, sports clubs and corporate & hospitality settings

We all like choice. So we endeavour to provide our customers with the widest possible choice of clothing garments from top quality manufacturers from our extensive catalogue. From shirts to hoodies, overalls to waterproof jackets our products are first class. We then add our embroidery or print expertise to brand your garments with the logo of your choice.

From the early days we have also provided businesses with bespoke garment labels for their brands. We supply custom woven labels to a wide range of businesses from small start-ups to large established brands. Here at Wovina we will support you to ensure you choose the right label for your product as we understand this process can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Developing into a leading manufacturer of woven garment labels has only been achieved by consistently providing a fast, cost effective solution to the evolving garment manufacturing trade within the UK. If the soft touch of your garment label is just what you need to give your product the edge then do get in touch.

Today we still continue to provide nametapes & labels to thousands of schools & care homes. We also supply a variety of styles including iron on nametapes, launder on labels, vinyl stick on labels plus shoe and property labels in a wide range of styles.

If you want a break from the needle and cotton then try our Taggit. The Taggit is a simple and secure method of attaching a woven nametape to a garment especially convenient if you have multiple items to label. For all these products and more visit our on-line shop.