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Here at Wovina, we offer a wide variety of labelling solutions. We provide many simple ways to ensure your belongings are clearly labelled with the owner’s name.

From the very early days – when it is essential to label all your babies equipment for day care & nursery, we then continue to support & protect your child’s belongings all the way through school & college. Our labels & stickers are highly durable and thankfully can withstand lots of rough & tumble.

Our labels & stickers are also used in the care home industry. Items can so easily get lost when living in a care home. This can be distressing, yet easily avoided with the use of our name labels and stickers. We can keep your relatives belongings safe which is very reassuring for them as they settle in to their new surroundings

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        Sticky Name Labels

        No sewing, no ironing, no hassle.... !! Apply our sticky labels to the wash care / garment label to the item of clothing and leave for 24 hours it's as...

        £5.40 – £12.90 Select optionsSelect options

        10mm Woven Nametapes

        Colour fast woven sew in nametapes, the most secure way of attaching a name tape label. We offer three colour options and six styles with up to 30 characters. 36...

        £7.50 – £12.50 Select optionsSelect options

        Rivvit - Name Tag Fasteners

        Rivvit Name Tag Fasteners are a quick, secure, and reliable way to fasten name tags onto clothing. Our unique design eliminates the need for pins, clips, and other fasteners, creating...

        12mm Woven Tape

        12mm Woven Tape Colour fast woven 12mm label with one line of text. Ideal for  when you require that little bit more information on the tape, available in  four colours with...

        £14.00 – £16.00 Select optionsSelect options