Embroidery VS Printing

Embroidery VS Printing

There are many methods of decorating or branding garments - the most popular being embroidery and screen print.

So which one should you choose?

Here at Wovina, we offer as much support and guidance as you need. We are always happy to advise on the best solution for you & your business via phone, email or live chat. Alternatively we can arrange for one of our sales team to come to your work place to discuss your requirements for corporate clothing/ uniform.

Choosing garments

From industrial workwear to corporate hospitality we offer a wide range of clothing ready to be decorated with your company logo. Check out our online catalogue to see our full range of garments

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Every day we embroider logos on to hundreds of garments. An embroidered logo is simply reproduced by stitching threads directly into the fabric. This stitching process is totally automated and completed by computerised embroidery machines. In order to get to this stage we will need to digitise your logo. This results in a file that can be uploaded to our embroidery machines instructing the machine how to stitch your logo onto your garments.

Screen Printing

During the screen printing process, your logo is reproduced by squeezing inks through mesh screens directly onto your garments. A separate mesh screen is required for each colour in your logo so designs with many colours cost more than simple one colour designs. Just like embroidery, the screen printing process has been partly automated but garments are individually loaded and unloaded by the operator. Once printed, each garment travels through a tunnel dryer which cures or sets the print.

Vinyl Printing

Vinyl printing is all about heat transfer. A machine is used to cut out the letters and designs from coloured vinyl and heat-press them onto the garment to transfer the colour to it. Vinyl printing depends on a combination of pressure and heat. Vinyl printing is a simple set up process therefore perfect for individual personalisations.

Which method is cheaper?

This depends on the complexity of the logo and the quantity of garments required.

The set up cost for embroidered logos is usually a flat fee.

For smaller logos embroidery is generally the more economical option. A larger logo with a higher stitch count will generally incur a higher cost.

The set up cost for screen print logos depends on the amount of colours in the logo. The more shirts you have to print, the lower the printing cost per shirt.

Once your logo has been set up for embroidery or screen printing we will always keep this on file for any future repeat orders required.

Which process is best for my garments?

Embroidery or Print?

The finish of print and embroidery produce very different results.

It can depend on what garment you are applying the process to.

Embroidery and screen printing are equally durable.

Embroidered logos are stitched directly into the material of the garment - the design becomes a part of the fabric.

Whereas screen printed designs give the impression that the design has been painted or printed on to the fabric of the garment.

Embroidered logos are very popular for staff uniforms across all sectors. Many companies incorporate embroidered logos for uniforms to promote their brand. Most logos are embroidered on the left chest of a garment. This works particularly well on polo shirts, sweatshirts, shirts, fleeces & jackets.

For screen printing - the best results are achieved on t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies. These smooth surfaced fabrics provide the perfect base for the ink to be applied. Generally if your design is a large full-front or full-back design on a t-shirt, screen printing is the strongest option.

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